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After the agony of watching my cat slowly grow ill until I was told by other vets there was nothing that could be done, I was a mess. I had an appointment for an at home euthanasia with another vet on the following Monday, but by Thursday evening I realized that it would be inhumane to wait that long. At 10pm I called Dr. Leshanski and left a voicemail. He called me back immediately. He listened to my story and assured me he would come the next morning. He did and was kind and gentle. The only good part of the whole terrible ordeal of losing my beloved cat was my interaction with Dr. L. There really are kind people in the world. - Jessica Z.




My cats Fig and Little are big fans of Dr. Leshanski, and so is their mom. He is not only extremely capable, but also extremely kind--both to animals and their owners. It is so nice to be able to remove the stress of the journey from an experience that can already be stressful. There is no carrier to contend with, no crowded waiting room--my pets can just hang out happily in their own home, snoozing or playing, until Dr. Leshanski arrives. One of my cats was recently diagnosed with diabetes, requiring blood testing and insulin injections. I felt extremely overwhelmed and upset, but Dr. Leshanski walked me through the process in such a patient and reassuring way that I now feel smarter, calmer and more able to be an active and effective participant in my own pet's care. - Bubba J.



Just spoke to Dr. Leshanski on the phone. It's easy to tell that he actually cares just by the phone consultation. He was able to talk to me about my cat's condition over the phone to avoid me the exam fee. If his advice doesn't resolve the issue (which it might not), I would definitely want him examine my cat. - Leor M.



I would like to thank Dr. Leshanski for all his help.  A more caring vet one cannot find.  Last week my little buddy Zeus began to take ill.  Sadly it was renal failure.  Dr. Leshanski helped me, and showed me how to care for him with a sub cutaneous IV in an attempt to lengthen his life.  Zeus was too far gone, and passed early this morning.  Because Dr. Leshanski makes house calls, my little Zeus was able to spend his final days at home,  not being dragged to a vet in a carrier.  He died surrounded by his family, me and his litter-mate sister Athena.  I cannot express enough my gratitude for all his help and compassion, and week end availability.  Thank you. - Mike C.



Dr Leshanski-- thank you.  You could not have been a more thoughtful, knowledgable, responsive doctor to Marty in his last days.  You not only helped Marty feel comfortable and as good as he could have possibly felt, but you gave my husband and I a peace of mind we never got from the handful of vets Marty had seen before you.  I believe Marty passed in the most perfect way possible. I have been telling friends and family that you were an angel.   We thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Fellow Yelpers-- if your fur baby needs care, don't hesitate to call Dr Leshanski.  He is such a good man and great vet who truly cares for his patients.  He was easy to reach, visited us when it was convenient for us, and his costs were far more reasonable then the Animal Hospital.

If we decide to get another pet, we will definitely call Dr Leshanski again. - Trisha M.



We have been to many vets in NYC and Dr Leshanski has been the answer to prayer.  We called at 10 am and he was at the apartment by noon exactly as promised. He listened to our concerns, gave a thorough examination and reviewed treatment options with emphasis on doing what was right for Pumpkin. He patiently answered all of our questions and helped us to make a balanced decision on how best to help our 15 year old feline family member. We had the difficult conversation about Pumpkin's quality of life and Dr. L. gave us some excellent input on what to think about when making this gut-wrenching decision. We did not feel rushed  and he helped us to figure out how do the best for Pumpkin without breaking the bank. His fee was fair / comparable to an ER exam fee...but so much better, less stressful, more individualized, personal and    reassuring  because our questions were thoroughly answered, Pumpkin was calm and we did not feel rushed. Pumpkin has a good chance of enjoying a few more months. We will have time to love our boy and process the reality that Pumpkin will soon cross over. We also know what to expect, what to watch for and how to help. Moreover, when the time comes, we know that Dr. L. will help to make it a peaceful passing. Thank you!! A+++++ - Tara O.




Dr. Leshanski is a very good vet. He is readily available, answers his calls quickly, and he was very gentle and kind as well as expert in handling my very senior cat. - Ellen C.




If you are looking for not only an amazing Doctor and more importantly a wonderful, caring, and compassionate human being, Dr. Leshanski is your doctor. I had an emergency with my dog and ended up taking her to the emergency room. Even though Dr. Leshanski never even had the chance to do a house visit, nor the chance to meet me and my dog, he still made himself available to guide and support me over two days to help me make the right decision for my adored pup. I will definitely be calling Dr. Leshanski for any future vet visits and I highly recommend him. - Jana M.




We feel so fortunate to have discovered Dr. Leshanski when it was time to say goodbye to our beloved cat. First, since he makes house calls, our cat's last hours were spent in comfort at home and not frightened in a cat carrier or at the vet. On top of that, Dr. Leshanski is the kindest, most patient vet I've ever met. His professionalism and compassion helped us through the horrible experience of losing our cat. - Jacob S.




Dr. Leshanski performed my dog Dolce's euthanasia this weekend - I got in touch with him through InstaVet. It was the saddest day of my life but Dr. Leshanski was very kind, respectful, and good at his job. Even though my dog had been sick for a long time, I wasn't ready for her to go - Dr. Leshanski made me feel better about the incredibly tough decision and was really gentle to my dog; I don't think Dolce's passing could have gone any better than in my arms in comforting surroundings. I wish I could give Dr. Leshanski a good review under better circumstances! - Amy L.




We had to say goodbye to the greatest love in my life today and Dr Leshanski was the only person that I would have wanted there to do it. He is kind, compassionate, patient, and professional. Also not ridiculously expensive. I will continue to call him for my younger boxer Simba when I need an amazing vet . He's the kind of doctor you want around when things suck. Thank you Dr. L. And thanks to Eli from Instavet for sending this amazing guy.  This man is a true example of veterinary perfection. - Susana T.




I have used Dr Leshanski for my cats for years. He is a very special compassionate person and a fine vet. He just made a visit to facilitate the end for my beloved cat. I am at peace because Dr L made it so peaceful and natural. I am eternally grateful to him. - K.D.




Dr. Jonathan Leshanski is truly a one of a kind.  We've had several veterinarians care for our dog through the course of his life but none as caring, kind, gentle, considerate and dedicated as Dr. Leshanski.  We found him through yelp when we were looking for someone who can perform acupuncture on our senior dog suffering from arthritis.  We consulted over the phone.  After a few treatments, if it doesn't seem like it's helping, then we should stop, he said.  Good thing it worked!  He was no longer in agony when he stretched out his front legs.  That was about a yr ago.  
When it came time for us to lay Bailey to rest, we had Dr. Leshanski come to our apt. He made the unbearable process bearable.  I agree with Sheryl C.'s explanation of the process. She is spot on !

Dr. Leshanski is the best of the best.  And we are so blessed to have had Bailey under his care. - Julie L.




Unfortunately, I found myself in urgent need of a veteranarian who performed pet euthanasia yesterday.  Dr. Lashanski fit me into a busy schedule and was at my home within 2 hours.  His method of pet euthanasia was the easiest and most painless I have seen, as he injects a sedative between the shoulders, where it doesn't hurt much, and then pentobarbital intramuscular after the pet cannot feel anything.  He was kind and efficient, and arranged for a pick-up service for cremation to be waiting outside. His fees were reasonable. He allowed me to hold my cat on my chest, where she had been most comfortable and comforted.

In a terribly difficult time, he was perfect in every way. - Sheryl C.



Our beloved senior cat Enzo had reached the end of his life. He had been mostly fine all the way up to the day before, except for some weight loss, but the very next day he crawled into a corner, under the bed, wouldn't eat or drink and was in and out of consciousness...we knew what this had meant, but wanted some confirmation to be 100% sure. 

We found Dr Lashanski from the Yelp reviews and called him to get advice about next steps. He graciously spent time offering advise with a couple of options. I'm very grateful to the Dr for speaking to me for free, not rushing me and offering honest advice. Unfortunately, our Enzo died shortly thereafter that day, but I'm for sure will use the doctor in the future for general care for my other pets. - Ash H.



The one thing I miss about not living in New York is Dr Leshanski. I have been a multiple pet owner for years and I've gone through many vets, but non like Dr Leshanski. He made house calls for the same price I paid going to an office. He is very knowledgeable in his field and he truly cared for his patients. He is very missed by us and I would highly recommend him. - Noosh M.



Dr. Leshanski was great! My ferocious cat didn't even try scratching him, and sat comfortably for her exam and shots. I have zero complaints or criticisms, we will be calling him in the future. - Belle G.



Dr. Leshanski is a one of a kind.  

I was dog sitting and the dog at a 3.5oz bar of dark chocolate (the most concentrated and poisonous kind of chocolate for a dog).  

When I found the evidence at 11:30pm, I immediately looked up the information for 24 hour emergency vets in Manhattan.  I called one, the number directed me to Animal Poison Control who charged me $65 to take the case information over the phone and then give me a case number and the phone numbers for the 24 hour clinics in my neighborhood.  They urged me to take the dog to the emergency clinic because they determined through their conversation with a vet on call that it was too late to induce vomiting.  

I called At Home Veterinary, one of the numbers Animal Poison Control gave me, and Dr. Leshanski answered on the first ring.  I told him what happened and he said that it was a lot of chocolate and that I should take the dog to the clinic.  He offered the listened with abundant patience as I told him what happened, even though the dog is not his patient.  

I am grateful for his candor and for his time.  Very few people would take the time for nothing in return.  The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center didn't even offer that much.  

It is clear that Dr. Leshanski is a professional and knowledgeable vet who has real purpose in the animal community in NYC.  What a compassionate and caring individual.  

I'd make him my vet if I had a pet of my own.  Clearly, I need to learn where to put the chocolate before that happens though.  

Thank you Dr. Leshanski!  - Sarah C.



Dr. Leshanski provides a very personal service, he is gentle and caring, even the most difficult of cats would respond well to him. He's knowledgable and will tell you the facts so you understand them, especially when the news isn't the best you can get. He sticks with you, and will make sure that you have all the tools and information you need to maintain a long term illness. - R.S.



Dr. Jonathan Leshanski, helped me when it was time for my sweet cat companion who had kidney failure to make his transition. 

He is a compassionate and very professional vet who helped me and my pet through this experience with quiet dignity.  It was a blessing and a kindness for me and my pet to be able to do this at home in familiar surroundings instead of in a sterile vet's office.

When I called to make the appointment Dr. Leshanki's assistant, who is also very kind was able to help me decide  how I wanted to proceed after the euthansia was completed.  The whole experience while unbearably sad, was also unbelievably positive.

I highly recommend him and will use his services for regular veterinary care when it's time for me to share my home with a new cat. - Toy D.



There aren't enough words to express how thankful I am to Dr. Leshanski.   

This is a very hard review to write.

When it came time to put my very old, sick dog to sleep it was important to me that it be done at home and that it be as gentle an experience as possible.  Because my regular (wonderful) vet doesn't do house calls, I was referred to Dr. Jonathan Leshanski, and  I couldn't have hoped for  a more professional, kindhearted and knowledgeable vet. 

Dr. Leshanski was patient with me on the phone when I called him to set up the appt,  took his time explaining exactly how everything would happen, his pricing, and removal of the body.

When Dr. Leshanski arrived at our appt, he was somehow able to be present and not intrusive at the same time.  The only comfort I had throughout the entire process was knowing that Dr. Leshanski had it under control- he explained every step, was gentle and thorough and I believed him when he assured me my dog wasn't in any pain.  When it was over, he gave me time to say goodbye and I never felt rushed during any part of the process.  I will always be thankful for that.

I can't recommend Dr. Leshanski highly enough if you are considering at home euthanasia for your pet. - Angie D.


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